Denkmal-Film Verhaag

Atomkraft Trilogie

Nuclear Power Trilogy

3 films by Bertram Verhaag

91min + 93min + 95min

These films are only available in German.

This Trilogy includes three films about the plutonium reprocessing plant near Wackersdorf, Bavaria.

Nuclear Split provides a profound insight into the process of ecological destruction, revealing the intentions behind the construction of a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in terms of atomic policies and highlights the dangers to which the population will be exposed as a result of radioactive emissions. The film focuses on the inhabitants of this region, the threats to which they are exposed and the personal and collective processes of transformation they have undergone.

In Residual Risk, the Bavarian Ministry for the Environment, the authority responsible for the project, announces a public meeting in Neunburg vorm Wald to discuss the final seal of approval for the plant. This film documents the way in which this show of democracy provides cover as the last remnants of true democracy are swept away –  and, with them, any remaining threat to the plans of the pro-nuclear lobby. It exposes how those in power arrogantly – and in full accordance with legislation – ignore the well-founded fears and objections of citizens and scientists.

The Eighth Commandment is not an investigation of the scientific arguments for and against nuclear energy. It doesn’t deal with graphite reactors or breeders, or with the effects of radiation. This is a film about one thing: the way we relate to one another. Its focus is on the methods used by the masters of nuclear energy, the language used by the operators, the rhetorical tools of the power station managers, the empty jargon of the spokespeople and the lies of the politicians.

Buch & Regie Bertram Verhaag Kamera Claus Strigel - Waldemar Hauschild
- Thomas Schwan - Friedrich Klütsch - Thomas Wilke Schnitt Draha Cizek - Matthias Bauer
- Rainer Standke Ton Peter Bergmann - Lothar Kreutzer
- Liane Grimm Musik Rio Reiser, Konstantin Wecker, Wolfgang Neumann, Ulrich Bassenge Produktionsleitung E. Katharina Ritter