Denkmal-Film Verhaag

Code of Survival

Code of Survival

or the End of Genetic Engineering

a film by Bertram Verhaag

90 min

Now Available on DVD

Worldwide, millions of tons of „Roundup“, with its active ingredient glyphosate, are applied to the land year after year. The alarming consequences: poisoned soils, resistant superweeds, contaminated crops and sick livestock. Nonetheless, especially the United States adhere to the destructive model of GM-agriculture.

Three sustainable projects in India, Egypt and Germany prove that alternatives are achievable and successful. In an impressive montage we confront the effects of the poison-addicted industrial model, with the healing power of organic agriculture.

Which method bears the CODE OF SURVIVAL on our planet?

Buch & Regie Bertram Verhaag Kamera Waldemar Hauschild - Gerald Fritzen
Schnitt Hauke von Stietencron - Corinna Lösel - Melania Singer
Ton Marcus von Kleist - Zoltan Ravasz Schnitt Verena Schönauer
Musik Sami Hammi Assistenz Roman Linke, Alyssa Koske, Doris Papsch-Musikar, Katie Revell Redaktion Eva Linke

2016 DENKmal-Film Verhaag GmbH