Denkmal-Film Verhaag

Der Bauer und sein Prinz

The Farmer and his Prince

80 min

Informations about the film:

“Is this what paradise looks like? With lush poetic images, Bertram Verhaag takes us on a trip to southern England, to Prince Charles’ organic farm. Be prepared to dismiss a many preconceptions after seeing this film; preconceptions against Prince Charles and against organic agriculture.” (ehp June 2013)

This film depicts a Prince, who has the vision to feed the world with organic agriculture and heal damaged nature. Alongside his charismatic farm manager David Wilson, he has been pursuing this goal for 30 years. Through poetically impressive images, this unique collaboration portrays how organic agriculture works, and the benefits that emanate from it. Bertram Verhaag observed these two visionaries over the course of five years - through all four seasons.

The Prince of Wales already felt strongly about the concept of organic and sustainable farming long before the word “sustainability” was on everyone’s lips. More than 30 years ago, he realised that other farmers could only be swayed to cultivate their land without poisons and in harmony with nature, if they were presented with a practical example. This example turned into an exceptional success and now, farmers from all over the United Kingdom travel to the Duchy Home Farm, to gather the courage and knowledge they need, to convert to organic themselves. Prince Charles appears in an entirely unusual light, which forces the viewer to throw all prejudices towards him and organic agriculture overboard.


''People will be charmed by a film pairing romantic images of family farming with ecological smarts and dash of fondness for the still-useful corners of an outdated monarchy.“  (The Hollywood Reporter, 2013-08-30)


Preis des Bürgermeisters von Nitra, Agrofilm Fest 2013, Slovakei -- Preis des Prager Landwirtschaftsministers, Life Sciences Film Festival 2013, Prag --  Beste Regie, Yosemite Film Festival 2013 -- Horst-Stern-Preis für den besten Naturfilm der Stiftung NaturSchutzFonds, Ökofilmtour 2014 -- International Jury Award – Grand Prix: Preis des Bürgermeisters von Ostrava, T-film Festival 2014 -- Preis der Jugendjury, Green Screen 2014, Eckernförde -- Nominierung für den Deutschen Naturfilmpreis, Darßer NaturfilmFestival 2014 -- Preis für Inspiration, EKOFILM Festival 2014, Tschechien -- Bester Food Film, Green Me Film Festival 2015, Berlin

Buch & Regie Bertram Verhaag Kamera Waldemar Hauschild - Gerald Fritzen
- Pauli Hien - Hans Albrecht Lusznat Schnitt Melania Singer - Uwe Klimmeck
- Doris Musikar Ton Marcus von Kleist - Zoltan Ravasz
Idee und Drehgenehmigung Bernward Geier Musik Sami Hammi Übersetzung Bernward Geier - Alyssa Koske
Produzent Bertram Verhaag
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