Denkmal-Film Verhaag

Der Ökobräu

The Eco-Brewery in the Altmühl Valley

a film by Bertram Verhaag

45 min


“But organic food tastes bad!” When the Krieger family - managers of one of Germany’s pioneering eco-breweries - announced their decision to label their beer as “organic”, this was the reaction. Ironically, the contents of the bottle hadn’t changed. In fact, they had gone organic years ago, producing beer from ecologically-grown hops and cereals, crafted with care, and of the very best quality.

It’s heartening to see that customers’ initial prejudices have been overcome. Beers produced by the Riedenburger brewery, nestled in Bavaria’s picturesque Altmühltal valley, are now considered some of the best in the country.

The Kriegers have long been pioneers. Great-Grandpa Krieger was one of the first people in Bavaria to brew wheat beer (Weißbier) – a drink which, nowadays is an integral part of the local culture. So, four generations later, it’s only natural that Michael Krieger is an innovator, too. He hopes that his speciality beer – made from little-known cereals such as emmer, spelt and rye – will be just as popular, allowing the family business to thrive for many years to come.

We all have reason to hope that’s the case. The unfiltered beer, made from protein-rich cereals, doesn’t just taste good: it also helps to protect the environment. In this film, the Kriegers explain how.
Buch & Regie Bertram Verhaag Kamera Waldemar Hauschild - Gerald Fritzen
- Oliver Sachs Schnitt Verena Schönauer Ton Marcus von Kleist
- Zoltan Ravasz - Silvio Reichenbach Mischung Ralph Bienzeisler
Farbkorrektur Jürgen Pertack Redaktion Johannes Pechtold, BR
Im Auftrag vom Bayerischen Rundfunk
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