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CODE OF SURVIVAL will be part of three Festivals!


Cinema Release of CODE OF SURVIVAL: June 1st 2017

The Green Screen Film Festival (September 13th-17th) has selected our film CODE OF SURVIVAL!

Another festival selected our film "Code of Survival": The Newport Beach Film Festival in Calofornia. Happy!

Yeah! Our film Code of Survival will be screened at the DOK.fest Munich 2017! We are so happy!

At the IndieFest Film Awards in California, we got the Award of Excellence for our film CODE OF SURVIVAL! Thank you very much!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our fans for the great support in 2015 and are looking forward to an eventful 2016!

"The Farmer and his Prince" has done extremely well in German cinemas, with over 35.000 viewers so far! Our special thanks to our distributor barnsteiner-film, all cinemas involved and of course to every single moviegoer.

The DVD release of "The Farmer and his Prince" has brought us much joy, countless orders and several busy days ;) If you don't have a copy yet, visit our online shop to order!

Our next feature film "Code of Survival - or the end of genetic engineering" is currently being edited. For this one we've travelled the globe; shooting in the US, India, Egypt, England and Germany to reveal the consequences of genetic engineering and show alternative sustainable methods of organic agriculture.

So there's always something to do at DENKmal-Film!

We wish everyone a healthy, successful and Happy New Year,                                                  the DENKmal-Team

We are thrilled to announce that BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN Bayern has organized a cinema tour with our film "The Farmer and his Prince"!

District organizations all over Bavaria will be showing the film and hosting a subsequent discussion with agricultural experts.

Upcoming screenings in Marktheidenfeld, Würzburg, Schweinfurt and Tutzing. Further screenings will follow.

We're hoping for many spectators and fruitful discussions!

YEAH! The Farmer and his Prince won a price again. This time at the Green Me Film Festival in Berlin. Thank you so much!

You want to watch the film? Get a look at the upcoming dates:

In the first two months of his release 10.000 viewers came to see  THE FARMER AND HIS PRINCE

All upcoming screenings:

THE FARMER AND HIS PRINCE in German theatres 20th November!

All dates here:

YEAH! At the Green Screen Festival in Eckernförde (Sept. 4th-8th 2014) The Farmer and his Prince got an award again! The Award of the Youth Jury! That's cool, because the young of today are tomorrow's future!


The Farmer and his Prince receives the Grand Prix - Ostrava City Mayor Prize at the T-film Festival 2014!

Within one week The Farmer and his Prince was nominated two times!

* For the German Naturefilm-Award 2014 at NaturfilmFestival Darß

* For the Award of the Youth Jury 2014 at Green Screen

Keep the fingers crossed!

The Ökofilmtour has shown or film The farmer and his Prince several times - now we got the Horst-Stern-Award, donated by the Foundation Conservation Fund! Our third award for this film!

The prize is awarded for the first time under his name of honor, with the approval of Horst Stern (91). The minister for Environment, Health and Consumer Protection: Anita Tack, who is also chairman of Ökofilmtour, handed us the price on May 28th 2014 at the Hans Otto Theatre in Potsdam!

We are happy and say thank you!

The T-Film Festival in Ostrava was excited by our new documentary The Farmer and his Prince and screens it from May 28th to 29th 2014!

The ENVIROFILM Festival in Slovakia selected our film The Farmer and his Prince and is screening it from May 19th-24th!

Our new film The Farmer and his Prince is one of the Award Competition and Opening Films at the Green Me Festival in February 2014.

The Online Magazin Grün&Gloria is regularly choosing some city improvers. This time it's Bertram Verhaag! You can read about here... (only German)

On the 17th of November our film The beloved Cattle was broadcast for the first time. We received many wonderful responses from the audience. Here is a small extract:

"Currently everyone is asking about things that give you happiness - we were incredibly happy about the programme: The beloved Cattle."

"Thank you for this wonderful programme."

"I was incredibly glad about the programme yesterday and would like to thank you very much."

"I could have continued watching this programme for hours; farmers that don’t get their joy out of profits, but out of the love for their animals and work. The scene in which the farmer apologizes to his cows for the mistakes he has made in the past was particularly beautiful. I hope they will find many imitators."

"Many thanks for the positive and interesting programme: Das liebe Rindvieh from last Sunday. As a matter of fact, alternatives which account for the well-being of animals are possible – incentives for change are palpable and that is very good."

"I even shed a few tears, because it feels good to know that people with a heart still exist in this world."

"It was a great joy to watch this documentary. Alternatives are possible! Dear farmers, don’t let yourselves be led astray from the path that preserves creation. Thank you for this fantastic programme!!!"

"This is the right way …"

"A wonderful programme, showing that other ways do exist! Many thanks to the participating farmers! I wish there were more of your kind! But we as consumers must react; if we alter our diet we can make a difference and support farmers like these."

"It would be great if SOLELY farmers like these were to receive subsidies."

Our new film Of Lucky Cows is now available on DVD in our Shop! Unfortunately, only in German...


Save the date!

Our new film The beloved Cattle will be aired November 17th at 7pm at Bavarian TV

The Farmer and his Prince got the second Award: The Prize of the President of Nitra Self-governing Region at Agrofilm Fest in Slovakia

We got our first Award for our new film The Farmer and his Prince! At the Life Sciences Film Festival in Prague. We were awarded by the Minister of Agriculture.

The Jury: "For more than twenty years, His Royal Highness Prince Charles has created conditions for what is now called sustainable methods of farming on his farm. David Wilson, the manager of this farm, has been researching such technologies that return balance to the soil and landscape."

Three Festivals will screen our new Film The Farmer and his Prince:

29. Agrofilm Festival, Nitra/Slovakia: Sept. 30th - Oct. 4th

40. Ekotopfilm Festival, Bratislava/Slovakia: Oct. 7th - 11th

Life Sciences Film Festival, Prague/Czech Republic: Oct. 14th - 18th

(The film was already screened at Montréal World Film Festival from August 22nd to September 2nd)

On September 3rd, Bertram Verhaag was arwarded the Golden Swallow by the ödp. It was a great, interesting, funny and musical evening, which gave us new strength for further resistance. The most beautiful sentence of Gudrun Schweisfurth's honoring speech: "Because you see with your heart, you manage to make the essential visible to our eyes"

Our new DVD-Book is now available! Unfortunately only in German!

It contains 9 films about good sustainable agriculture! More information

WOW! Bertram Verhaag was receiving the B.A.U.M. - Environmental Award in the category Media and Arts on June 11th 2013!

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